Beef – Chilled and Frozen
Pork – Bone-in and Boneless
Poultry – Chicken, Turkey and Duck
Mutton – Carcasses and Boneless
Lamb – Chilled and Frozen
Goat – Bone-in and Boneless
Offals – all types of edible offal
Game Meat – Kangaroo, wild Boar, Etc.
Oyster and Green Mussels
Squid and Octopus
Salmon and tuna ( all types)
Crabs, Shrimps and Prawns
Jack & Blue Mackerel (Whole & Round, Headed & Gutted)
Sardines (Whole & Round, Headed & Gutted)
Tilapya & Milk Fish
Coconut Milk & Cream
Nata De Codo (Gel)
Dessicated Coconut
Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Oil
Corn and Rice
Beans (Great Northern Beans, red beans)
Cattle Hides, Goatskins, Sheepskins
Cheeses, Dairy, Milk and Rennet Casein
Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits and French Fries
  • Welcome

  • HUERTO INTERNATIONAL TRADING is an international Food Trading company founded in 1998 by Gary Huerto. He envisioned a company that would be both rich in product diversity and strong in employee and management relations.
  • In following this vision, Gary Huerto has developed a respectful business environment with a sales force that has built and develop solid relationships with a global base of customers and suppliers.
  • Today, HUERTO INTERNATIONAL TRADING is proud experienced trading pork, beef, poultry, seafoods, beans, and dairy markets as well as other more unique products like coconut milk, coconut cream, nata de coco (coconut gel), rennet casein and other products from Hong Kong.

    It is the global presence within these markets that allows HUERTO INTERNATIONAL TRADING to import, export and inventory quality at a fair price.
  • Management

  • HUERTO INTERNATIONAL (TRADING) team collectively has over 15 years experience in food trading and sales. Our team is committed to maintaining the highest quality of goods and services and satisfying our customers’ requirements.

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