• Ideal Foods to Help you Lose Weight According to Ido Fishman

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    October 18, 2021

    While it is true that there really is no one food that serves as a magic formula for weight loss, there are particular foods that can assist you in achieving your weight-loss objectives. Majority of the food items that are of an effective weight-loss diet features a couple of things in common:  they are quite high in fiber (that assists you in keeping fuller for much longer) and also have a relatively low energy density. What that means is that you may consume a decent-sized food portion without a high calorie intake.

    As per Ido Fishman, the following are the best foods you can consume for weight loss.


    If you are looking to lose weight, then eggs are a great food to include in your daily diet. Eggs include high-quality fats, protein and crucial nutrients such as choline and vitamin D. It is the particular time in the day when we consume them and the included protein, that particularly makes them a strong and highly effective food for weight loss.

    When you eat a breakfast that is high in proteins, it promotes loss in weight. That is because protein boosts satiety while regulating appetite hormones and hunger. That helps you considerably to fend off your hunger till the time of your lunch. According to a recent study and Ido Fishman agrees as well that when you consume eggs for breakfast, it tends to leave you more satisfied as opposed to those people who had eaten bagels-which assisted them in eating less throughout the day.


    As per Ido Fishman, Avocados is one of the best foods you can eat to help you lose weight. You may not know this but avocados are in fact rich in dietary fiber, monounsaturated fatty acids, phytochemicals and potassium. It is true according to several authentic studies that researchers have done that folks who make it a habit of eating avocados regularly usually lower body weight, BMI and waist circumference than those who skip this important food.

    While avocados feature a greater amount of calories than other vegetables and fruits, their satisfying fiber and fat combination might assist you in losing considerable weight and slimming down. Adding some to your sandwich or salad is ideal for a burst of flavor and creaminess!


    Almond is another crucial and popular edible  that you can consume to shed some pounds. Were you aware of the fact that almonds are an ideal source of fiber? Not only that but they are also high in protein as well. When you eat foods with the 1-2 punch of protein and fiber, it can assist you in feeling much fuller for much longer-which making it less tempting for you to grab an unhealthy snack between your meals.

    In additions, almonds are also highly rich in vitamin E and an excellent source of mono- and polyunsaturated fats (heart-healthy). That makes this particular food a fine choice to sprinkle over a side or salad dish. You may also use almonds in pesto rather than pine nuts or walnuts. What’s more, you can also just keep a small bag of almonds  in your purse as a contingency snack if there is nothing else available!


    It is very much true that all kinds of beans are high in fiber content. That makes beans your ideal friend when you are making an effort to lose your weight since it helps you in feeling fuller longer, and efficiently controls your hunger.  In addition, as per Ido Fishman, consuming legumes and beans is linked with a number other health advantages. These include reducing blood pressure, lowering LDL cholesterol and slashing down the  risk of cardiovascular disease.

    Apart from that, beans have low amount of calories but high levels of proteins. You can try them in homemade soups, veggie burgers and salads.


    This might seem surprising to you but the truth of the matter is that popcorn is in fact a very effective weight loss snack as long as it is not doused in butter. Popcorn happens to be high in fiber content and delivers some amount of protein as well. A single ounce of air-popped corn (that is equivalent to around 3.5 cups) features about four grams of fiber, 110 calories and nearly four grams of protein.

    This is an ideal combination that makes the popcorn a great snack with a lot of staying power. Popcorn is full of air, and thus you will receive quite a sizeable portion without too many calories. Ido Fishman also shares an interesting fact- for just 100 calories, you can eat 3 complete popcorn cups!


    Fruit tend to get a negative rap at times since they comprise sugar naturally and people regard them as a food that is detrimental to their health. That said, when you eat fruit and include it in your regular diet, it can help you a lot to lose weight. That is particularly true when you swap in fresh fruits for unhealthy snacks or processed foods. When you consume fruits, you can enjoy a naturally sweet and delicious treat, and reap the advantages of antioxidants and fiber as well. Therefore, fruits are the perfect 2 in 1 combination!

    In addition, a recent medical study revealed that consumption of greater quantity of fruits is linked with reduced risk of becoming obese or overweight. That is independent of fiber or vegetable intake-although when you include fruit as part of your diet, that is by far the best strategy! 

    Bottom Line

    To conclude, all of the foods mentioned in this extensive list have proven to be great edibles that can help you lose weight and narrow your waistline very efficiently. Just bear in mind that you have to regularly eat these foods and cannot really expect to shed several pounds by consuming a single serving once every month. Being consistent is the key here and it is imperative that you include at least some of these foods in your daily diets. Only then you will start seeing the results after some time.