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  • Corn, soybean harvest winding down
    November 09, 2011

    Corn harvest has reached 87 percent in the top 18 producing states according the USDA’s latest Crop Progress report. Though Monday’s report showed corn harvest well above the five-year average, it still lags significantly from last year’s report.


    The end nears for corn harvest
    Corn harvest is proceeding faster than the five-year average of 73 percent but remains behind 2010’s pace of 95 percent. Nearly two-thirds of the states are within 10 percentage points of reaching 100 percent completion.  

    Tennessee and North Carolina each reported 99 percent of corn harvest – the highest reported by the USDA.  Other states reporting high percentages of harvest corn include Minnesota (98 percent), Missouri (98 percent), and Texas (98 percent).  See how your state fared here.

    Ohio continues to lag behind the other states with just 34 percent of corn harvested though Ohio producers improved by 16 percentage points from last week’s report. Pennsylvania (57 percent) also reported a low percentage of harvested corn.

    Soybean harvest passes 90 percent
    Ninety-two percent of soybeans have now been harvested, compared to 98 percent last year and 87 percent last week. It is also slightly above the five-year average of 88 percent.  Five states are now finished with soybean harvest (Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota) while Iowa (99 percent) and Mississippi (98 percent) are closing in quickly.

    Although their pace may have picked up, this time last year 11 states were reporting 100% of soybeans harvested.

    North Carolina is well behind the national average with 35 percent of soybeans harvest. Although significantly lower than other states, North Carolina progress is still above their state’s five-year average of 31 percent and less than 10 percentage points behind their 2010 pace.

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    Source: USDA