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  • Global Beef Production Remains Stable
    November 10, 2011

    World beef production is set to remain stable throughout 2012, with production estimated to be 56.8 million tonnes cwt.

    A decline in US beef production is expected to be offset by higher production from India, Brazil, Argentina and Australia. 

    In Paraguay, it has been discovered that a botched vaccine was responsible for transmitting foot and mouth disease. Following the outbreak over a thousand animals were culled.

    The outbreak caused neighbouring countries to ban Paraguayan imports - which officials estimate is costing the economy US$70 million a month.

    In the UK, researchers have found that some degree of resistance to bovine tuberculosis (TB) is inherited. The team has also identified genetic markers associated with resistance.

    Although the research is ongoing, the results mean that it may be possible in the future to selectively breed cows which are more resistant to the disease. 

     Source: Charlotte Johnston - The Beef Site