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Whole Chicken
Pork Primal Cuts
Beef Primal and Sub Primal Cuts
Lamb/Veal Primal Cut
Kangaroo Meat Cuts
Jack Mackerel/ Salmon / Skipjack Tuna
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Monk Fish/ Arrow Squid/ Tilapia
Sardines/ Milkfish
Oyster/ Green Mussels
Crabs/ Shrimps/ Prawns
Coconut Milk & Cream
Nata De Coco (Gel)
Dessicated Coconut
Virgin Coconut Oil & Coconut Oil
Corn and Rice
Cattle Hides, Goatskins, Sheepskins
Cheeses, Dairy, Milk and Rennet Casein
Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits and French Fries